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Advertising Rules

Please read this rules for advertising at Letak.My™ carefully and for your information in Letak.My™ have two types of user which is a Free User and Premium User.

- Free User can be Individual Users / Corporate Users. This is free service for single ads or category for each user complete with 3 images. Individual users / Corporate Users will be able to use this Free Ads but the User can publish single ads ONLY. If they need more ads before the Free Ads expired or deleted they need to become a Premium user. This Free Ads has 30days validity and the User needs to become a Premium User when they want to publish another ads or category or other value added from Letak.My™. The Free Ads will be deleted once the validity had reached.

- Premium User can be Individual Users / Corporate Users. All Premium User will have own webpage starting with and the User get full access to use Letak.My™ services. To become Premium User you need to buy Letak.My™ Credits. Click HERE to see the FEES AND CHARGES.

No “Search” words in descriptions, please remember the ads heading has to describe the item or the service advertised, no company names or urls are allowed. Also No unnecessary characters are allowed in the heading. The item or service has to be described in the ad text, it is not allowed to merely link to another page. Ad texts are not allowed to be copied from other advertisers; these are protected under copyright laws. It’s not allowed to use search words or keywords in the ad text.
3.1 Not Allowed To Put In Ad Heading:
3.1.1 “For SALE”
3.1.2 “For RENT”
3.1.3 “URGENT”
3.1.4 “HOT ADS”
3.1.5 Prices e.g. RM700 – Samsung
3.1.6 Down payment / Bayaran Muka / Deposit.
3.1.7 No Advertiser’s Company Name
3.1.9 Salary Amount e.g. Salary Offered RM2900.00
3.1.10 Free gifts e.g. TVs, DVDs, Hand phones, Body kits, etc.
3.1.11 State or place name e.g. Kedah, Bukit Kayu Hitam.
3.1.12 Other words not relevant to ad heading.

Only ads in BAHASA MALAYSIA and ENGLISH are allowed. (If the User make this mistake – The ads will be deleted and no credits refund!).

The ads have to be placed in the category that describes the item or service the best. Good and services that do not fit in the same category must be placed in separate ads and separate category. (If the User make this mistake – The ads will be deleted and no credits refund!).

You are required to place only one property or vehicle per ad. We would therefore like to advise you to divide your properties or vehicles and place them in separate ads and separate category. (If the User make this mistake – The ads will be deleted and no credits refund!).

It is not allowed to place ads with the same item, service or job more than once. Delete the old ad before you place the new one. Consequently, it’s not allowed to place ads with the same items, services or jobs in different categories or regions. (If the User make this mistake – The ads will be deleted and no credits refund!).

Links in the ads have to be relevant to the item or service advertised. Same general rules for the ads apply also for the link. It is not allowed to link to another auction or classified site. (If the User make this mistake – The ads will be deleted and no credits refund!).

Images in the ads have to be relevant to the item or service advertised. Company logotypes are prohibited as images except for categories “Services”, “Jobs” and “Businesses for Sale”. It is not allowed to use images from other advertisers without consent. These are protected under copyright laws. Images showing models displaying underwear or bathing wear are not allowed.
8.1 Image content is not suitable such as:
8.1.1 Image is too small.
8.1.2 Image contains Watermark.
8.1.3 Images are not clear.
8.1.4 Not suitable image.
8.1.5 Image was downloaded from Letak.My™ or other website.
8.1.6 Image was reused from previous ad.

Ads or images that can be perceived offensive to ethnic groups, individuals or public figures are not allowed.

Letak.My™ reserves the right to deem what’s unrealistic.

It is not allowed to advertise pirated goods and forgeries of e.g. branded products, CD/VCD/DVD, computer/game-console software. All applicable products must be certified original by the advertiser.

All Ads featuring goods that are prohibited from sale according to Malaysian law are not allowed on Letak.My™. For a list with examples of illegal product:
12.1 Drugs
12.2 Weapons
12.3 Human parts
12.4 Pornography
12.5 Prescription medication
12.6 Fireworks and explosives
12.7 Controlled chemical substances (e.g. mercury)
Animals traded on Letak.My™ have to follow the Wildlife Protection Act of Malaysia 1972, Fisheries Act 1985 and CITES.

Letak.My™ has restrictions against certain goods and services to be advertised. For a list of examples:
14.1 Goods
14.1.1 Health and Beauty Products except Perfume
14.1.2 Used undergarments
14.1.3 Vehicle Registration Numbers and Documents
14.1.4 Contact Lenses (Private)
14.1.5 E-mail Addresses , E-book
14.1.6 Radio, TV and Internet Recordings
14.1.7 Offensive Propaganda
14.1.8 Alcohol, Liquor, Tobacco
14.1.9 Mobile Phone Numbers and Sim Cards,
14.1.10 Mobile Phones (AP set)
14.1.11 Personal Messages/ Greetings/ Announcements
14.1.12 Single and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM, SLM, direct sales)
14.1.13 Make Up and Cosmetics Items
14.1.14 Herbal Medications, Ayurveda and Homeopathy
14.1.15 Amulets, Talisman and All Mystic Items including “Tangkal”
14.1.16 Satellite Dish / Decoder
14.1.17 Vehicles related to ‘Continue Payment’ or ‘Continue Loan’ or ‘Sambung Bayar’
14.1.18 Used Breast Pumps, Used Baby Bottles, Used Feeding Cups, Used Napkins, Used Pacifier
14.1.19 Adult Sex Toys (Male/Female)
14.1.20 Health and Supplements For Adults / Kids and Pets
14.1.21 Paintball Markers / Guns / or Following Accessories
14.1.22 All Software (Pirated)
14.1.23 Spy Gadgets, Hacking Devices & Software
14.1.24 Speed Trap Devices / AES Detector Devices
14.1.25 Error of Currency Notes / Money
14.1.26 Foreign Registered Vehicles
14.1.27 Products / Goods related to politics
14.1.28 E-Cigarettes
14.1.29 No Pirated Goods or Materials (including bags, wallets, CDs, VCDs, DVDs and etc.)
14.1.30 Obscene Material, Pornography and Prostitution
14.1.31 Blood and Human Body Parts
14.1.32 Burglary Tools
14.1.33 No for Oil to Save Fuel
14.1.34 Gold Bar
14.1.35 Original Goods Only
14.2 Services
14.2.1 Childcare
14.2.2 SMS-services
14.2.3 Massage and Spa-treatment (except vouchers)
14.2.4 Modeling
14.2.5 Domestic help
14.2.6 Matchmaking and Dating Service
14.2.7 Tattoo Services
14.2.8 Therapies
14.2.9 Looking for Agents/ Dealers/ Supplies/ Distributors
14.2.10 Quick Get-Rich Schemes
14.2.11 Car Pool Services
14.2.12 Unlock and Jailbreak Services For Gadgets
14.2.13 Black Magic Services
14.2.14 Loan and Refinancing
14.2.15 Insurance and Medical Plans
14.2.16 New Wi-Fi and Broadband Services
14.2.17 Looking for Agents, Distributors, Suppliers, Joint venture, business partners, franchise and those within the similar range.
14.2.18 Cleaning Services (home / residential).
14.2.19 Provide Bank Loans
14.2.20 Jobs from Oversea
14.2.21 Counseling Services
14.2.22 Daycare or Babysitter Jobs & Services
14.2.23 Rental of Vehicle (Individual / Private)

Services offered or wanted must follow applicable law and regulations of Malaysia for each given profession. Services should always be placed in the services category.

We do not accept any ads related to auction or bidding. We only accept ads with fixed priced and negotiable terms.

All vacancy ads must include the followings;
Company name and all the details of the company
Fixed line number (can be hidden in contact details)
Proper description about the position offered such as the requirement and some background info on the company, if you have more than 1 position vacant, please separate ads for each position.

This category is dedicated for business owners to sell off their existing business. We do not accept ads related to joint-venture, partnerships and looking for business funds.

Kindly advise whether the item that you are trying to sell is of original made. We suggest that you include the necessary document in the ad to certify the authenticity of the item.

If ads are rejected due to breaking the rules, the advertiser will be given the opportunity to change it. Letak.My™ reserves the right to decide whether an ad breaks the rules and spirit. The rules are constantly updated and may change from time to time. The advertiser will be notified of any amendments via mail sent to the e-mail address provided by the advertiser, or via announcement on Letak.My™.