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We have put up a short tutorial in Bahasa Melayu on our Facebook page to help you use Letak.My.
Read more here.

Welcome to Letak.My.
This page will try to walk you through and helps you creating your first ads.

How It Works
Here are 9 steps to create your first ads.
  1. Check your email

    If you have just register with us, we might already send you an email containing your login password. If you did not receive email from us after a while, please contact us.

  2. Login

    Register if you do not have an account with us yet or login using your username and password.

  3. Your first ads are FREE

    You can start advertise for FREE!
    Jump to step 9 if you dont want to pay anything yet.

  4. Profile > Topup Credit

    Top your credit by choosing your prefered credit option. You could make payment via online banking according to the instruction on the topup page.

  5. Upload proof of payment

    Upload the proof of your payment either scanned copy, print screen etc as long as it is readable and has details of your payment transaction.

  6. Credit activation

    We will process your topup request as soon as we received your proof of payment.

  7. Credit Balance

    Once your credit topup has been approved, your credit balance will reflect the new balance.

  8. Purchase Ads Category

    The first category is given free. You need to select your ads category here.

  9. Create Ads

    You can now start creating your first ads.

  10. FREE Ads

    Do you know that each time you start with one ads, that single ads will always FREE!

Credit Options
This is our credit options that are available to purchase.

1  60 credit valids for 15 days - RM30.00

2  100 + 3 credit (bonus 3%, save RM1.50) valids for 30 days - RM50.00

3  200 + 10 credit (bonus 5%, save RM5.00) valids for 60 days - RM100.00

4  400 + 24 credit (bonus 6%, save RM12.00) valids for 90 days - RM200.00

5  600 + 42 credit (bonus 7%), save RM21.00 valids for 120 days - RM300.00

6  1,000 + 100 credit (bonus 10%, save RM50.00) valids for 150 days - RM500.00

7  2,000 + 300 credit (bonus 15%, save RM150.00) valids for 180 days - RM1,000.00

*Letak.My™ Credits Value = RM0.50sen per unit.
 includes 6% government service tax